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Audio & Video Institute 

Smith Thampan is the founder of Studio432, with over 19 years of experience in sound recording, sound designing and Mixing and Mastering high-end audio and film projects, He is now offering a complete bespoke audio recording package for aspiring sound engineers. It is a combination of recording and mixing sessions to deliver the best experience for an audio engineering student at an effective price.
Please write to us to know more about Studio432 and our programs for aspiring sound engineers.

About the Founder

Smith Thampan, is a Multi-Award winning Sound Mixer, Sound Designer and a trained guitarist and a cello player. His passion for music and audio engineering transformed him to a sound Mixing and Mastering engineer who has his credits mentioned in many Indian movie and music releases. His association with all major music and movie directors enhanced the spectrum of sound Mixing and Mastering genres and gears.


His superior organization skills, precision and maniac attention to every single audio element during the Mixing and Mastering sessions are characteristics of his workflow, complemented by the ability to work independently and within a team.

His works are recognised by many external audio engineering fraternities and work as a guest lecturer in many sound engineering institutions along with his sound Mixing and Mastering career. He is the beneficiary of the Radio Mirchi Technical Award Best Mixing Engineer 2009 and 2010 consecutively.

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